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Understanding our Scoring

How we score the brands we review

We undertake our research using a defined and repeatable scoring methodology across both User Experience and Digital Capability.  Click through below to find out more behind our methodology.  

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The DigitalBar capability scoring is based on a set of criteria that we look for when considering Customers' Digital Experience.  Our researchers cover all aspects of a customer journey for insurance, and will record where a Digital journey or capability exists.  

This is weighted according to a set of bespoke criteria that reflects the importance of each capability related to the customer experience, and summed up accordingly.

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Our "apples to apples" comparison of Insurers' UX standards allows you to pinpoint where different brands excel and the optimisation opportunities for you to focus your teams on.

Our UX scoring covers 5 key assessment areas - Design Scheme, Task Orientation, Interactivity, Data Entry and Help & Support.