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Understanding our Capability Scoring

For 10 years, Altus Consulting has assessed the digital capabilities of leading UK insurers, focusing on where digital enhances the customer experience.  As insurers have embraced the move from an analogue to digital world, Altus Consulting’s research has further evolved to cover increasing features that customers are using and have come to expect in other sectors. 

The latest research reflects the changing landscape of technology and customer expectations, as the DigitalBar capability scores are weighted accordingly.  These scores are not static, and through our continuous research activity, it is expected that Insurers will move up and down.  As additional brands are reviewed, more journeys will be published and rankings may change. 

Our overall DigitalBar score is broken down by 4 key areas of the Insurance Customer value chain:

Additionally, Product-Specific digital elements, including connected technology, multiple products and more are reviewed across the applicable line of business, as these also impact an Insurer’s digital flexibility for a customer. 

Scoring Hierarchy 2021

Within each of these areas, the scoring is broken down into different sub-sections, rolling up to 100 overall.  With our focus being on the use of digital technology to enhance customers’ experience, our scoring and ranking tables enable you to easily see the digital landscape of Personal Lines Insurance in the UK market.