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Digital trading teams

Insights to help you shape future performance

Who's doing what in digital, and how well? Approaches to quick quotes? Marketing preferences? In-journey support? UX techniques being deployed and to what effect? In most Digital teams, analysts/designers investigate competitor journeys themselves. DigitalBar provides screenshots of major insurers' quote & buy activity together with selected servicing journeys including MTAs, FNOL screens and much more. With DigitalBar, research time is vastly reduced allowing your team members to spend more time on key areas of optimisation and digital improvement.


Underwriting teams

Underwriting insight across the market

When looking to optimise questions sets and risk capture, understanding how your competitors are presenting their insurance journeys is part of the underwriting review process. Who is creating shorter customer journeys to speed up time to quote? Who is using data enrichment? How are some insurers wording their risk capture questions etc. For those underwriting teams getting feedback from digital teams on poor conversion rates or page drop offs due to long journeys or difficult to answer questions, DigitalBar provides screenshots of major insurers' quote and buy journeys allowing users to view questions sets across the market.

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Leadership teams

At-a-glance view of competitors

DigitalBar has done all the hard work, collating digital journeys, scoring and ranking insurers, so you can see who is best in class. With operating costs at an all time high, saving time, and therefore money, is a top priority for leadership teams and that’s why DigitalBar is a must-have service for all insurers. When reviewing  target conversion rates, OKR’s etc. use DigitalBar to focus your team's efforts. As well as all the features available when you subscribe. DigitalBar has a wealth of data and insight which can be provided through bespoke, in-depth reports and via consultancy services from our experienced team.