Hastings Direct has invested significantly in their quote & buy experience, scoring high across all DigitalBar test categories. Other car insurer brands are doing good things too, but Hastings leads the pack, on a par with the UK aggregators.

Here's our round-up of what good looks like, Hastings style.

1. Modern, easy-on-the-eye design scheme

Refined, cohesive branding, good balance between information density and negative space.

2. Good task orientation and effortless interactivity

Consistent conventions, clear titles, pacey, simple presentation of options, chunky buttons, slick use of data to reduce effort.

3. Progressive use of technology with licence scanning

Hastings was the only insurer in our spot-check review to do this.

4. Time-saving features

Users can quickly confirm assumptions (informed by 3rd party data) rather than answer more questions.

5. Plain speaking

Natural, simple language, helpful touches and nudges

6. Clear side-by-side presentation of product options

Distinctly labelled, easy at-a-glance comparison of features.

7. Highly available support

Chat, phone, FAQs available throughout the quote & buy journey.


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